Tex's Tap Farm Strategy

A new bugfix version has come through itunes, and appears to fix some loading issues.  Others are still unable to load their farms, but this version appears to fix things and not break anything.  If you were avoiding version 1.4, then now's the time to upgrade. 
7/17/2010 02:08:48 pm

Hi Tex,
I read somewhere on your site that you weren't sure how well the save/load feature worked. Load did work like a charm and saved my bacon during the snafu of upgrading to OS 4. I'm at level 38 with almost 6 million coins, so I know you would appreciate how my heart sank when I opened the app and saw four little squares instead of my farm.

I've learned a lot from your site, btw, and really enjoyed reading through your posts. Maybe this is too little, too late, but I hope you continue with it.


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