Tex's Tap Farm Strategy


Welcome to my tap farm strategy blog

This website is currently a work-in-progress where I'm trying to organize and collate information on the Tap Farm game on the iPhone platform.  This is an unofficial page -- i.e. I have no relationship to the publisher of the game, and no official capacity, knowledge, or even ability ;-).  The game itself is published by streetview labs (http://www.streetviewlabs.com/index.html).  They have just recently put up their official website on the company and the Tap Farm game.  But since it doesn't cover everything I wanted to know, please feel free to browse the information I've assembled here.

If you have comments, criticism, or suggestions about this website, please feel free to email me at the following email address:  (the address is split up to reduce the likelihood of spambots scanning it, so you have to put it together...)  (ben_wystan  (and then the at symbol) yahoo (and then the .com domain))

Is there actually any strategy to Tap Farm?

Well, Tap Farm is still a very simple game at this point -- you farm and collect two things: experience and coins.  It's almost more of a digital Zen rock garden than a strategy RPG.  However, the allure of Tap Farm lies in the fact that you accumulate coins and experience over a number of days/weeks/months and you have limited resources (farmland) with which to create them.  If you collect enough experience you unlock access to additional resources (like different crops) and rewards (like decorations).  If you collect enough coins you can then purchase decorations and embellish your farm.  It's oddly fun to plant crops, reap them, and then spend your earnings. 

But there is actually some strategy in choosing what crops to farm at various levels.  Similarly, there are choices on whether to focus on crops, trees, animals, and how to build experience vs. coins.  So I've set up a couple tabs on the topics of getting experience and getting coins.  Enjoy, and please drop me an email if I've got something wrong, or you have other suggestions on strategy.

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