Tex's Tap Farm Strategy

Apparently version 1.4 has been released today.  Gotta love new updates -- it's like a free present to open! 

Unfortunately folks on facebook are reporting problems with crashing if you use the "visit neighbor" function on the new version.  Stay away from that button for now I guess!  The new version also appears to have a "save" and "load" feature now?

Update -- I've installed the new version, and put up what I see changed on the FAQ page.
2/22/2010 04:06:59 pm

hi and

thank you for this nice site.
please do keep up this good work!

this is just to confirm that the
"visit neighbour" doesn't work well.
tap farm keeps saying that i don't have
an online connection (which is not true obviously)
i haven't noticed anything new yet
apart from the save and load functions.
but took only a quick glance...

i wonder where those farms get saved to?
on a server or locally?


2/3/2011 02:39:05 pm

it was really great!! your site give us lots of things but specially your general knowledge like this ! that is awesome . keep it up... :)


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