Tex's Tap Farm Strategy

Ughh... yes... facebook.  Turns out that the developer (Harlan?) uses facebook *shudder* and encourages everyone to become a fan.  Much as I hate facebook, I finally ventured on and found out that there is a great discussion board there, and tons of expert Tap Farm fanatics.  I also found out:

Jay Bullington has great spreadsheets posted that helped me fill in gaps in mine, and he even tracked removal prices for crops which I missed!  He even has posted the experience levels up to 49, which was bad news since they ramp up more than I had been expecting.

Harlan didn't deliberately set out to nerf my Dogs, rather it was an accident with the last update. :-)

The update happened on February 4th, and I just didn't see it till the 6th. :-)

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